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Getting the right answers isn't just about AI, it's also about learning and understanding your business. Numbers Station’s semantic catalog collects that knowledge to improve functionality throughout the process. Understanding your intent, guiding you to effective questions, injecting business logic into the conversation, and identifying which dataset is best able to help answer your question are all made possible, both by using the semantic catalog as a resource and by incorporating it into the AI using techniques like Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG).

As you build more complex questions, Numbers Station retains the context of your data and your business. Together, you and Numbers Station rapidly collaborate to build different scenarios to answer an infinite range of questions from your massive datasets.

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You see AI as a strategic asset, and so do we. With our fine-tuning option, you can own your AI forever.

Whether or not you opt for a private LLM, your data is never used to train our model or benefit other customers. Your data is your data.


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Text to SQL is everywhere today, but general models and basic conversational AI tools only take you so far. Our multi-agent architecture with semantic context and customized LLMs allows us to help bring business data knowledge to the forefront of your AI experience. We have helped users in a range of industries get the maximum insight from their business data, and we can help you.

We've been building data-aware AI as part of Stanford's AI Lab for the better part of a decade, and we're ready to guide you on the journey.


Telecom companies have a lot of data, but not everyone is a data analyst. Put the powers of network optimization, pricing strategy development, and customer analytics in the hands of the people who need the information, not just people trained to retrieve it.

Financial Services

Developing investment strategies, automating the processing of regulatory tickets, identifying fraud and maintaining compliance all require data and drive significant costs. AI can help with all of these use cases, and more.


With thin margins and fierce competition, retailers embrace Numbers Station for use cases like inventory management, demand forecasting, developing promotions, and supply chain optimization. Streamlined retail organizations are built by providing leaders the information they need to make fast decisions.


Healthcare is a complex, outcome-driven industry. Whether it's automating claims processing, increasing member engagement, improving patient outcomes, or facilitating drug discovery, Numbers Station has you covered.

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Playing with AI tools is a fun learning experience but wastes time. You need a solution now that knows your business, your data, and how to give meaningful answers. Let us show you how.

Numbers Station's work is based on decades of research and development with Stanford AI specialists, but we are far from academic. Our work is consistently applied to real world business and technology challenges, helping enterprises large and small build lasting and innovative solutions on our foundational AI platform.

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t = trillion

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AI will contribute $15.7
trillion to the global economy by 2030

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